WEO President's Letter: March 2018

From the desk of Amy Loudenback, WEO President

Ladies!!! I miss you so much! This wild Northwest weather kept us apart in February, which means March will have to be double the fun, double the awesome!

For starters, we have not one, but two featured presenters. Callie and Kelly are rocking it with their Slumberkins business, and they are going to share their story of success with us. And if you haven’t seen their adorable products, you’ve got to come just for the fluffy fabulousness!

Did you say Double Bonus? What?! Bring a guest to the March meeting, and we will have a special gift just for you…and your guest! My Visiting Angels office is so convinced that this meeting will knock the socks off you and all your savvy she-friends, that we will have a little something-something for everyone! (Translation: fun gifts for all guests and the members who bring them.)

The month of March will be a big one for WEO. Your Board is in the process of switching from our clunky, time-consuming website-based reservation system, to the more efficient and user-friendly platform of Eventbrite. This change will streamline our ticketing, payments and marketing of our monthly meetings. As our expenses have continued to increase, we are trying to lighten the load with financially prudent decisions. Beginning in April our website will switch to a much simpler model, as we focus on Facebook and Eventbrite for communication and member information. We have also made some adjustments to our pricing that will begin in April:

Flash Registration: $47.50

This rate is available at the night of the meeting through the following day, for the next month’s meeting. This will replace the existing standing reservation system.

Regular Member Rate: $52.50 · Regular Guest Rate: $62.50

This rate is in effect from Friday after the completed meeting, until the Wednesday before the intended meeting.

Late Registration Member Rate: $57.50 · Late Registration Guest Rate: $67.50

This rate is in effect from the Thursday prior to the intended meeting, until the night of.

We will spend some time at the March meeting going over this new process, answering all your questions, and helping everyone with the new format. For members who are taking advantage of the Flash Registration discount, we will be available to process your payment at the meeting.

Change isn’t scary, and in this case, I’m confident the changes we are making will prove effective in building a stronger, better WEO. Women entrepreneurs are adaptive, pioneering and basically bad-ass, so it’s only natural the Women Entrepreneurs Organization would be as well.

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