WEO President's Letter: December 2017

From the desk of Amy Loudenback, WEO President

There are so many reasons to love the holiday season. I look forward to time spent with loved ones, to parties and concerts and events, and to the opportunity to offer and receive gifts of time, treasure and resources. I absolutely love traditions. Maybe it’s the predictability, or the knowing, or the anticipation, but I really enjoy and look forward to certain traditions each year.

When my children were little we took them on “jammie drives” with thermoses of cocoa and snuggly PJs to see Christmas lights. Now that they are older, this is still one of their favorite traditions – although cocoa has been replaced with peppermint mochas and they wouldn’t think of leaving the house wearing pajamas!

A few years ago I started a new tradition with a few of my best friends. We gather one evening, open some nice wine, make fabulous appetizers, and wrap all our presents together. We have so much fun, accomplish a great deal, and are able to use a necessary task as a reason to be together. Win-win-win!

Of course one of my favorite traditions, and something I look forward to every year, is the Annual WEO Holiday Party! You ladies are such a joy to be around. We laugh, we share stories, we reflect upon the past year and look ahead to new and great things for our businesses…and we have one fabulous gift exchange! I am excited for this highly anticipated evening, but it’s not without pause. December marks our last meeting at the Heathman Lodge. This venue has been a giant part of WEO for the past 18 years. It has brought a level of prestige to our organization, provided us with great service at a beautiful venue, and we are sure to miss the bread pudding. But…as traditions sometimes evolve, we are open and receptive to new and exciting things for this group. The onset of 2018 will mark the beginning of a new era for the Women Entrepreneurs Organization, and as certain traditions will carry on, the prospect of new ones is just as exciting!

Welcome to the new season of WEO, ladies. We look forward to seeing you in January at Warehouse 23, fresh faced and eager for what the New Year has in store!

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