WEO President's Letter: October 2017

From the desk of Amy Loudenback, WEO President

It is such an honor to have the opportunity to serve my fellow WEO sisters as your new President! When I first joined WEO almost 12 years ago, I was brand new in business and knew I was going to need help to get started and to grow. This smart and sassy group of women has taught me more than I could ever have imagined. Every meeting I learn something new, from the speakers and presenters, and from the fabulous women I am honored to share a table with each month.

I am both excited, and a little nervous, to take on this new role. Excited to be a part of WEO’s leadership as she is on an upwards path of growth and abundance, and nervous about whether I am up to the task. I think I am. And I know I am not in this alone – I have each and every one of you to cheer me on, offer ideas and suggestions, and (hopefully) to jump in and help.

How can you help? I’m glad you asked! There are four simple things you can do as a WEO sister to ensure our strength and longevity as an organization:

1. Come to meetings. All of them. Get on the Standing Reservation List to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to fellowship and learn alongside your WEO sisters every month. And as a bonus; you’ll save $5.00 EVERY MONTH, just for being signed up in advance. To make sure you are on the Standing Reservation List, either sign up at a meeting, or see the instructions here.

2. Sponsor a meeting. Gain valuable exposure for your business all month long (and then some) by committing to be either a Spotlight Speaker or Centerpiece Sponsor (or both!). We want to know more about you. We want to support your business. We want to talk you up on social media for all to see. To be a sponsor is simple: log into the website, select a month you wish to sponsor, and secure your spot with a paid reservation for that event. If you have any questions, please contact Roni Sasaki, your Programs Chair, for more information.

3. Bring a friend. We cannot continue to grow if we aren’t reaching out and inviting the women in our community. With WEO’s new membership structure, we can now welcome Executives in addition to Entrepreneurs. Know a fabulous woman running a non-profit or making a difference at her job? Invite her to WEO! Angie Sullivan and the Membership Committee are working hard to welcome guests and usher them into this awesome sisterhood we have established.

4. Get involved. Our committees are more than just a team of wonderful women working together to make WEO great. When we gather to share ideas and responsibilities, to utilize our giftedness and resources, something magical happens. We grow, personally and professionally, and we see growth in others. We experience firsthand the synergy and satisfaction that only comes from working together towards a common goal. We also have a lot of fun! To get plugged in, reach out to one of our committee chairs:

a. Programs Committee: contact Roni Sasaki

b. Membership Committee: contact Angie Sullivan

c. Marketing & Technology Committee: contact Ronnie Noize

d. WECare Committee: contact Terri Klinski

I have high hopes for WEO’s future, and I consider it a privilege to be at the helm for what I think is going to be a fabulous season for our organization. Thank you for trusting in me!

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